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Smartlean Herbal Capsules

If you are feeling worn out, it indicates that toxins are building up in your body and digestion is not proper. Your body has the potential to generate all the energy you want. Your circulation goes beyond veins and arteries to minute channels that supply nutrients and energy for all the billions of cells in your body. When the channels are clogged with digestive impurities, fatigue sets in. Smartlean is a herbal masterpiece of 16 ingredients which helps to increase metabolism rate of human body, thus resulting in integration of body functions, better digestive capacity and removal of toxins from your body.

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Mukulanjanam is used individually or in combination with other medicines by the advise of a doctor.

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Akshabeejadi Capsules

Used against diseases related to Eye, Ear and Nose

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Catropa Capsules

Herbal capsules for eye treatment

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Sapthamruthaloham Tablets

Used in the treatment of eye disorders, eye floaters, gastritis, abdominal colic, anemia etc. as directed by a physician

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Biocleanse Hand Sanitizer Combo Pack (2 bottles)

A unique formulation with the anti-microbial properties of Neem, Tulsi, Vetiver, Twak and Alcohol combined with the skin protecting effect of Yashtimadhu and moisturizing Glycerine

Combo pack with 2 bottles of 100ml each

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Thalisapathradi Choornam

Thalisapathradi Choornam is commonly used for relief from cough and cold symptoms, respiratory and digestive system disorders

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Sudarsanam Tablet

Sudarsanam Tablet is an anti-pyretic and analgesic due to its tridosha balancing effect and is very effective in all kind of fevers. Sudarsana tablet may also be used in cases of respiratory tract disorders including cough, breathlessness and oxidative stress.

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