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Rasnadi Choornam

Rasnadi Choornam is a polyherbal ayurvedic powder with a rare combination of 23 herbs. It is applied on top of the scalp during sudation therapy (Swedana) to cure stiffness, heaviness and coldness of the body. This medicinal powder is to be used for external application only and to be applied after bath on top of scalp and gently massaged for a few minutes.

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Dhanwantharam Oil (Body Massage Skincare Oil)

A renowned classical Ayurveda formulation with 44 herbs, sesame oil, and pure milk used as skin care and body massage oil

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Karpooradi Thailam Muscle Strain Relief Natural Oil

A Classical formulation used as a remedy for joint pains and arthritis related ailments

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Immunity Modulator Kit

A classical ayurveda product kit to modulate immunity against possible infections and respiratory problems. This kit includes Indukantham Kashayam, Sudarsanam Tablet & Haridrakhandam which can be used for 15 days. This combination helps revive the immunity and it is the perfect combination of classical ayurvedic way of shielding yourself against the possible diseases.

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Sahasra Netra Yoga Book

This book is a codification of Late Dr. NPP Namboothiri's long experience and hereditary acumen received from the ancestors. It includes 1000 'Yogas' (formulations for eyecare) which have been hitherto unexplored from the many ancient palm leaf scripts.  "Sarvendriyaanaam Nayanam Pradhaanam (Of all sense organs, eye is the most important)" - being honest to this saying, this work is a boon to all in the world of Ayurveda, physicians, students and researchers. Each of these yogas provide good research material to post graduate students and Ayurvedic researchers.

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Herbal Radiance Facepack

A Natural, skin radiance Face Pack with the magical red sandalwood, purifying antibacterial turmeric, depigmenting licorice, acne clearing common madder, pimple and infection clearing Priyangu, soothing anti-ageing restorative lotus leaves. Regular use helps enhance skin texture and clears of pimples and infections, reduces black spots, and rejuvenates the skin layers.

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Pain O Balm - Pain relief

A masterpiece formulation of 12 herbs and camphor extracted in to 3 oils, mustard, sesame and pudina oils. It relieves of aches and soreness including muscular pain, joint pain, foot pain (especially heel pain) as well as congestion and headache. A natural and traditional combination that is free of side effects and gentle enough for daily use.

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Varachoornam Tablet

This is a Combination of Triphala Choorna, an effective remedy for detoxification, and a popular immunity booster. Supports the digestive processes and also works to alleviate constipation, but does not cause purgation. Cited in the science of Ayurveda as effective against all kinds of eye ailments.

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