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Rasnadi Choornam

Rasnadi Choornam is a polyherbal ayurvedic powder with a rare combination of 23 herbs. It is applied on top of the scalp during sudation therapy (Swedana) to cure stiffness, heaviness and coldness of the body. This medicinal powder is to be used for external application only and to be applied after bath on top of scalp and gently massaged for a few minutes.

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Neelibhringadi Keram (Hair Oil)

Neelibringadi Keram is one of the most renowned Ayurvedic formulations for excellent haircare. It has been practiced for centuries and is one of the most complicated formulations to prepare and it is famous for its usefulness and efficacy in preventing hairfall and promoting hair growth and strength of strands.

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Sumangala Hair oil

Sreedhareeyam focuses on a branch of Ayurveda known as ‘Shalakya Tantra’, which deals with

ailments to the organs above the neck in human body. Special Sumangala oil, an ayurvedic milk

based hairoil is created to offer complete protection to the hair and related organs. The finest herbal

ingredients in Sumangala is processed with milk and roasted coconut oil to create a unique

combination that works wonders.

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