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Dhanwantharam Oil (Body Massage Skincare Oil)

A renowned classical Ayurveda formulation with 44 herbs, sesame oil, and pure milk used as skin care and body massage oil

118.00 Details
Herbal Radiance Facepack

A Natural, skin radiance Face Pack with the magical red sandalwood, purifying antibacterial turmeric, depigmenting licorice, acne clearing common madder, pimple and infection clearing Priyangu, soothing anti-ageing restorative lotus leaves. Regular use helps enhance skin texture and clears of pimples and infections, reduces black spots, and rejuvenates the skin layers.

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Suvarna Face & Neck cream

A rejuvenating Natural cream, adhering to traditional Ayurvedic preparations. It moisturizes skin, improves skin texture and removes black patches if any.

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